Capricorn lagna astrology

Sun enters Scorpio

In general, they are interested in theosophy, law, philosophy, languages and political science. They enjoy traveling and have good relationship with their brothers and sisters. According to Mars occupy 4th house and Aries ruled here, their indications are courage, physical fitness, sexual behaviors, success, fame, short travels, friends, army, mental capacity, creativity, sports matter, fine art, music, shoulders, ears and throat of body parts, illness and death of parents, step mother, and younger sibling.

In general, their family background has most likely problems.


Their parents might argue how often and separation might occur, or they could lose one parent in their early life. In fact, their mothers are probably dynamic and opinionated. Their mothers may make big deals for small things and provoke the situation in family but there are no answers. According to Taurus occupy 5th house and Venus ruled here, their indications are children, intelligence, spiritual commitments, speculation, education, studying in foreign, and changing majors etc…etc….

In general , they must love the arts. They will usually have harmony with their children but their parenting role is very challenging because of their strict disciplines.

CAPRICORN Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

According to Gemini occupy 6th house and Mercury ruled here, their indications are the inclination of debt, injuries, enemies, law and justice, couth cases, health of eyes, insomnia, skin disorder, intestine diseases or ailments, penis operation or disease.

In general, they may have weakness in the arms and lungs. For they like to over work, they could get the diseases such as bronchial infection, tonsillitis, or pneumonia, and their nervous system could become weak.

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Mostly they have good relationship among co-workers. According to Cancer occupy 7th house and Moon ruled here, their indications are love, spouse, marriage, partnership, foreign travel, settlement in abroad, sexual parts and opponents. In general, they can get spouses who can provide emotional security and domestic tranquility. They might have marriage more than once. According to Leo occupy 8th house and Sun ruled here, their indications are marital happiness, incurable diseases, longevity, surgery, secret earning, inheritance, sexual organ and sexual behavior, prison, research and mysticism.

In general, they may have energies to initiate and to happen whatever they wish to do regardless of hardship. They like to marry someone who is equally ambitious and successful. Follow their own decisions rather than from others advisers, their business can boom. In general, as like their fathers, they can be well educated. Their own capacity for accumulating knowledge is boundless. They love to learn language, and they maybe multi-lingual. They might get degree with psychology, chemistry, journalism, or law. According to Libra occupy 10th house and Venus ruled here, their indications are professional careers, fame and status.

In general, since they are good at in both speaking and listening, for careers, they should choose lawyer, salesman, consultant, or therapist. In addition, dancing, filmmaking, dresses or jewelry making can also be their professional careers. According to Scorpio occupy 11th house and Mars ruled here, their indications are profits, opportunities, acquisitions, elder sibling, and friends. In general, they have physical energies and competitive activities in sports and business affairs.

They might have difficulty with their older sibling who is aggressive. The diseases indicated are injury to body parts, to knee cap, skin disease,eczema, dislocation, hysteria, rheumatic and pulmonary. Saturn in Uttrashada star indicates heart palpitation whereas Mars indicates cardiac thrombosis, Rahu and Ketu cause blood pressure.

Planets in Dhanishta denote high fever, bronchitis, pneumonia, fracture and dislocation etc. Mars, Saturn and Moon are not good for longevity in their conjoined sub periods in the major period of evil planets. Capricorns are desirous of name, fame, money and reputation. They are conservatives, will not mind difficulties, handicaps and hindrances, but will work continuously to gain success. They do not miss any chance and opportunity and do not speculate. They have value of money and will invest carefully and save slowly and steadily.

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They are economical, trustworthy, wide awake and they do not take risk they do not expect a windfall. Capricorns are not emotional, but slow and cautious in approaching opposite sex, not bold and rash and never take lead,opposite sex remains worried by the hesitancy of the man born in Capricorn. They take long time to choose a partner.

Capricorn Ascendant: Everything you Want to Know!

They may have affection but are not demonstrative in love and not fit for romance, dance etc. Capricorns husbands are not romantic yet they provide full comforts to the family in slow and steady way. Choosy about partner and do not take any body in confidence, they have many acquaintances but less real friends to whom they will be true and respect them throughout life.

An active member of clubs and societies. They are slow in passions and afraid to proceed further unless obtain consent thrice and in a sure way. Capricorns are best suited for Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces born persons. Also persons born on Tuesdays, or in Mrigasira, Chitra and Dhanishta nakshatras will be helpful. Persons born in Rohini, Poorvaphalguni and Poorvashada stars are very helpful. Capricorns have number of children but will not mix with them,and not allow them to go beyond limit, keep them under control, but will not antagonize them.

Children will be more affectionate as age advances. They are anxious for early marriage, but are destined to marry. They will be dutiful to the children and family, but will not display their love. Keep the home beautiful, hate noise and like clam atmosphere and privacy, seclusion and peace. Care most for respect and prestige of the family. They should develop dignity, diplomacy, avoid nervousness and discontent. If ascendant or Saturn receives bad aspects from any planet, the native will be mostly selfish and egoistic pessimistic, desperate and broken hearted.

They will work hard and over exert, contemplate mediate and tax himself much and due to overstrain will be fatigued. All these traits are required to be corrected.

When Moon forms good aspects with ascendant and lord of ascendant, she indicates business of kerosene oil, land and animals, contractor in irrigation department and a successful agriculturist. Mars forming favourable aspects denotes engineer, cement manufacturer, lawyer, brick kiln owner, Mercury indicates engineers, deep thinker, dealers in scientific instruments, crystal grazing.

10 Facts Capricorn Ascendant Vedic Astrology | Capricorn Rising Sign

Yoga are advantageous. Jupiter forming good aspects denoted physician or scientist, gain through large companies, clubs and societies. Also through land and mine products, long term contracts etc. Venus indicates chemicals, leather and hides, religious head, Sanyasi etc. Lucky and favourable days are Friday, Tuesday, Saturday and Wednesdays whereas Sunday, Monday and Thursday are days of worries and expense. They should speculate on Tuesday and Friday. Invest on Saturday, sign documents contracts etc. Lucky numbers are 6,9,8. Avoid 3, other numbers are passive.

Favourable colours are white, black, red and blue.

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