Taurus birthday horoscope march 1

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People born on March 1 Zodiac tend to be drawn to strong and controlling individuals, but to feel fulfilled in a relationship they need to have plenty of freedom and space. Until they find a relationship which offers them security but also gives them room to breathe, their love life may be somewhat chaotic.

People born on this day tend to be a bit careless when it comes to their health and it is important for them to keep in regular touch with their doctor, to eat healthily and exercise every day. They may find it hard to incorporate a regular exercise routine in their life as it contradicts their dreamy nature, but brisk walks in the park or countryside will allow them both to get fit and to daydream.

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As sensuous individuals, they will almost certainly enjoy regular massages, in particular aromatherapy massage. If they have a load of work or study in front of them, a ginger-scented aromatic candle is a good choice. Ginger scent is also helpful when they feel confused or lacking in purpose. These people are born creative directors, channeling their imaginative thoughts and original ideas into constructive projects.

Although they have the skills to succeed in business, they tend to be happier when using their imagination.

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As a result they may be drawn toward writing, drama, art, design, or music, or working for themselves in some way. Later in life they may also be drawn to social reform, charity work or humanitarian causes. The life path of people born on this day is to learn to balance the emotional extremes of negativity to which they are prone.

Once they can learn to do that, their destiny is to transform their own and the ideas of others into solid achievements. If you are born on the 1st of March, your Zodiac sign is Pisces.

March 1 Birthday Horoscope

While you may not necessarily be the sharpest tool in the shed or the best looking person invited to the party, you are still naturally charming. People are drawn to your sense of possibility. People are drawn to your ability to always look at the bright side of things.

You continue to hang on to your optimism and this becomes a rallying cry for people who are sick and tired of the negative things in their lives. You tend to attract quite a number of acquaintances and friends because of your easy and oh so natural optimism.

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A lot of these images come from literature, many of them are very inspirational. The good news is that if you only applied some of your natural optimism to matters of the heart, then you would be able to attract the right partners. Those with a birthday on March 1 st are great talkers. You love to talk.


It is not a surprise that people born on March 1 st would make for great talk show hosts, college professors, and lawyer mediators. You are a very creative person when it comes to getting people to talk and share their perspective. You love giving your time.

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It takes quite a bit to get you angry. It takes quite a bit to offend you. Also, you try to draw people together. As far as your other traits go, you have a strong musical side to you. You tend to be considerate, wise, and gentle.

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If there is any one area for improvement for people born on March 1, it would be their tremendous sensitivity. Things are almost always never as bad as you think they are. Unfortunately, given your natural, instinctive penchant to paint things in the worst colors possible, you always end up walking away without the worst impression.

Birthday Compatibility (zodiac)

While being emotional in and of itself may not necessarily be a bad thing, when you are too emotional when it comes to romance, you can end up in all sorts of tough situations. Neptune symbolizes the 12th house of the Zodiac.

taurus birthday horoscope march 1 Taurus birthday horoscope march 1
taurus birthday horoscope march 1 Taurus birthday horoscope march 1
taurus birthday horoscope march 1 Taurus birthday horoscope march 1
taurus birthday horoscope march 1 Taurus birthday horoscope march 1
taurus birthday horoscope march 1 Taurus birthday horoscope march 1
taurus birthday horoscope march 1 Taurus birthday horoscope march 1
taurus birthday horoscope march 1 Taurus birthday horoscope march 1

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