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Who Is Intrigued by Scorpio?

Leo has natural nobility, and Scorpio is self-contained. It's important to have peace, along with the drama, to avoid burn-out and too many hurt feelings. A love match bringing together two with finicky tastes and high standards. Both fashion themselves as intellectuals, and also realists, so it's not likely they'll see through rose-colored glasses.

If there's a shared purpose, that goes far with these two compatible elements water and earth Venus signs. Scorpio doesn't play nice the way Libra wants to, but the latter might see this as a personal challenge. Trouble starts when Venus Libra wants to keep up appearances, even if that means ignoring what's really going on. Both shoot poison darts at times, though Libra says it with a smile.

There's natural compatibility here since they have telepathy and x-ray vision. There could be double the drama, but also two-fold the power to take raw material and turn it into personal gold.

Scorpio Compatibility - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Possible extremes of Scorpiocity - with jealousy and obsession - so proceed with caution! This is a tricky one because there are similarities with these Zodiac neighbors -- both are frank and sexually experimental. Venus Scorpio tends toward serial monogamy, though, and the commitment thing could be a dealbreaker. Above all, Scorpio craves loyalty and will get vengeful if Sagittarius has an open borders policy in love.

These lovebirds are seriously choosy, and often it has to do with power and status. Even if they're not materialistic, they both admire those that tenaciously go after their goals. They have compatible elements water and earth , and a desire for stability, which can mean creating a home with valuables and heirlooms. This is a quirky match that's potentially got a lot of electricity, though the jolts could be shocking!

Aquarius can sometimes become concerned about Scorpio's flirtatious nature, even if they weren't doing anything wrong. One thing Scorpio won't stand for is being accused of something they didn't do, so this is another potential breaking point for this troublesome pair. If Aquarius and Scorpio communicated more, they could have something special, but most of the time they just break up. Uh oh, get ready for Gemini to release the twins on an unsuspecting Pisces.

This relationship is a real no-go, so evacuate now if necessary! But it's not just Gemini causing havoc - both of these signs can be extremely moody when they're together, which creates an extremely toxic environment for both parties. It's not all bad - sometimes this duo can inspire one another.

However, it ultimately fails due to their undeniable incompatibility. Geminis are characterized by their quick wit, intelligence, fast pace, and talkative nature. Pisces is known for being sensitive, emotional, creative, and philosophical. While some of these traits line up or even complement each other, it seems like it's not quite enough to make this couple work in the real world.

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It's a shame, really, as they can be really charming when they're together. Fast paced Gemini is ready to move on from problems and arguments almost the moment after they've happened, while thoughtful Pisces can spend longer ruminating on the issues. This leads to frustration for Gemini, who would prefer if Pisces just moved on and lightened up as fast as they were able to. It also hurts Pisces, who feels that Gemini dismisses their feelings and doesn't take them seriously. Both of these signs find it difficult to commit to relationships, which is yet another obstacle standing in their way.

Gemini is obsessed with moving onto new places, projects, and people, while sentimental Pisces can lose themselves in nostalgia. This means the couple are rarely ever in sync with life goals and committing to something more serious is tough. We totally see where they're coming from - best not to try this one at home! This is certainly one fiery match that is not destined to last. Both passionate and opinionated about the issues they believe in; Aries and Libra can work well together if they agree on fundamental values.

If they don't, they may as well throw in the towel now, because neither one will back down about the things they care about. There is definitely a need to be 'right' that is shared between the two, which can create a lot of problems when one person has to be wrong. Though they both stand by their convictions, they definitely have different styles.

Zodiac Love Compatibility: Which Signs to Date — and Which to Avoid

Libra is charming and knows how to work a room. Aries is fast paced and doesn't really have any regard for being tactful. The famous Aries temper doesn't help them when they're trying to make their point either! One of the other core issues that makes the success of this match unrealistic is the fact that both signs have completely different goals in life. Aries is ambitious and career focused, while Libra prefers to socialize with friends. They rarely agree on major decisions, such as whether to have children, and how to parent those hypothetical children. Just imagine it - Libra trapped at home with a baby, unable to attend all of their social engagements, while Aries tries to juggle parenting and their career.

They would not be the well-oiled machine that they'd need to be for this task. Not to throw even more problems at this couple, but the word is that they're also not very compatible in the bedroom. We're not going to be totally negative about this couple - they actually have some important things in common and they're not destined for failure if they commit to compromising in some areas. Both are extremely family oriented and a Taurus and Leo partnership often results in some pretty good parenting.

But we can't ignore all of the other red flags. This pair still has a lot to overcome before they get to the baby stage. Both of these signs love the finer things in life, which is great if they have the money and agree on how to spend it. But as with most relationships, there's a bit of a power imbalance. Leo tends to be the breadwinner, and Taurus loves spending up big. However, it's only a matter of time until Leo begins to grow bitter over the frivolous spending.

Taurus & Scorpio: Love Compatibility

Don't even get us started on the collective stubbornness going on with this couple. Both of them, but particularly Taurus, will refuse to back down on anything, which kind of diminishes the chance of those compromises we talked about earlier ever taking place. These two can end up in some of the wildest screaming matches you've ever heard!

In addition to all of the problems we've mentioned, there tends to be a major attitude clash with Taurus and Leo. Being an earth sign, Taurus thrives within their stable routine.

The Scorpion in Relationships

They love laying down roots and they can't stand change for the sake of change. However, Leo is a fire sign and loves mixing things up from time to time. They even find their Taurus's repetitive routine rather dull, which can cause anger to flare up between them. This couple can absolutely be a great match when they want to be.

Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to happen all that often.

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  • Sometimes we think it's because both are such interesting individuals that they can never become one as a couple. Gemini and Sagittarius are the great communicators of the zodiac and they certainly have a great time talking long into the night together. Sagittarius is the philosophical one, while Gemini is practically a professional conversationalist.

    So, what's the problem?

    Summary of Scorpio compatibility

    We hear you ask. One of the biggest obstacles for these two is actually organizing a date. Both are social and pursue a lot of hobbies and passions. It can be really hard for their schedules to align, making it tough to get a relationship off the ground before the interest fizzles out.

    non compatible signs for scorpio Non compatible signs for scorpio
    non compatible signs for scorpio Non compatible signs for scorpio
    non compatible signs for scorpio Non compatible signs for scorpio
    non compatible signs for scorpio Non compatible signs for scorpio
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