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To help students and aspirants in mastering the science of Astrology, we, at IVA, offer a variety of learning programs to suit the specific needs of different learners.

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You can choose to join or take up our:. These long and short duration courses have been designed to provide students with a deep insight and power to actually witness and understand the beautiful and complex web that the cosmos has spun for us. To know further about our courses and career options please write to us on email id admission ivaindia. Astrology is the science to study stars, their movements, relationships, and their impact on human beings. As a human being takes birth on a particular date, time and place, he gets the effects of planetary position in the sky at that time.

Astrology is the kind of course which holds honor and integrity. Being an Astrologer is an immense position. They have the zeal to forecast your fortune and behavior. The candidates who wish to learn about Astromancy may obtain the Astrology Post Graduate diploma course online in India from the Institute of Vedic Astrology and choose the promising career for you.

Effects of planets in houses, effect on nature of native due to presence, vision, by presence in exalted, own, friendly, neutral, enemy or neutral sign, special effect. Effect of planets in various signs: effect of each planet in 12 signs. Effect of situation of lord of one house in another house; effect of position of lord of a house in first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth house.

Effects of antar-dasha of planets. Pratyantar and sukhsmadasha. Step by step principles to see horoscope, rules, basic principles based on well placed planets, retrograde and set planets, aspects of planets, effects of lord of trine, quality of results, two, three, four, five, six planets togethers.

Causative, uncausative and neutral planets.

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Lagna and Chandra Patrika, Transit of planets, basic rules, principles, ways to ascertain effect. Transit of planets from their own sign in respect to Ascendant Horoscope made as per birth details. Remedies in details of each planet. Practical analysis on reading horoscopes of the same. Astrology and Medicine. Planetary influence on body parts. Zodiac signs and disease.

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Diagnosis of disease areas based on horoscope. Ways of recovering health. Market forces, occupational tendency and professional aspects. Matters dealing with job, work, profession, business, service and industry, Introduction for predictions stock and commodity markets, emphasis on various businesses.

Calculating auspicious time calculated on the basis of Panchang. Muhurata for marriage, starting business, house entry, land charging, purchasing, selling, machinery, puja, yagna, etc. Semi English Medium Coaching Classes. Ssc Coaching Classes. Upsc Coaching Classes.

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Riddhi Siddhi Jyotish. View Details. Jagdamba Jotish Classes. Aeon Classes. Om Jotishi Tantra Research Kendra. Maadi Jothida Nilayam. Flying Star Feng Shui.

Astrology Courses in Kolkata

Bharat Ratna Vigyan Kendra. Takshasila Institute Of Vedic Astrology. Abhijit Pratishthan.

Kailaimni U Natarajan Gurukal. Dhilips Institute Of Professional Astrology. Ayeim Future Vision.

Phal Jyotish Abhyas Mandal. Avg Rating - 3. Bhrigu Jyotish Kendra. Hindu Vedic Astrologer. Know The Positive An Jakatdar Vijay Shrikrishna. K P Jyotish Vidya Institute. Avg Rating - 5. Bhartiya Vaidic Jyotish Sanstanam. Avg Rating - 2.


Vedic Astrology. Kumar Chandra. Avg Rating - 4. Om Prakash Dube. Principal Vastu And Jyotish Vidhyapith. Paramnand Shashtri. Astrology Maharaj.

D the astrologer will have free access to the digital journal of the institute to contribute articles on advanced astrology. He will also get opportunity for chamber practice.

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A brief history of Western Astrology and preliminary idea about various branches of astrology. Twelve signs of Zodiac, implication of their symbol classification and characteristic features. Nine Planets - Their significance, Bhavawise significance, Signwise classification as friend, enemy, neutral, exhalted, debilitated etc.

Nakshatras - Their locations, lords and span.

astrology study centre in kolkata Astrology study centre in kolkata
astrology study centre in kolkata Astrology study centre in kolkata
astrology study centre in kolkata Astrology study centre in kolkata
astrology study centre in kolkata Astrology study centre in kolkata
astrology study centre in kolkata Astrology study centre in kolkata
astrology study centre in kolkata Astrology study centre in kolkata

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